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Monday, Oct. 16th at 10am EST

Hey! I’m Jodi. I’m a former Fitness industry leader, turned online CEO, who is now working with Coaches to help them strategize, create consistency and scale with a Group Coaching Offer.I’ve driven $16M+ in sales , lead teams of 100+ and helped my clients DOUBLE (or more) their revenue year over year.

I’m a seasoned leader & manager, known for creating and implementing revenue-generating systems, building strong team culture, empowering team members and hiring the right people. In my corporate role as a Regional Manager,  I traveled across Canada and opened over 80 fitness clubs. I’ve interviewed, hired and trained over 1000 personal trainers and managers, and managed remote teams of up to 100+ members. 

Now, I’m on a mission to help Coaches create CONSISTENCY in their businesses by implementing a Group Coaching model with recurring revenue so that they can ditch the revenue rollercoaster, easily scale with a team, and have a business and life that they love.I’ve been an Online Business Coach since 2013 and have generated multi-six figures by building relationships FIRST. I’ve built my clientele by hosting Virtual Dinner Parties + Workshops, resulting in $26K+ in revenue from a SINGLE event, and helped my clients do the same, without any pushy, sleazy sales tactics, all while having FUN!!

Jodi Rumack

Online Business Strategy Coach: Launch + Scale your Group Coaching Biz

Kelly Marshall

Virtual CFO + Financial Wellness Coach

Achieving Financial Health in your Business using the Profit First System

Monday, Oct. 16th at 1pm EST

Kelly Marshall gets to help conscious business owners take charge of their finances, ease their money worries, grow healthy and profitable businesses, and - ultimately - gain the freedom to focus on what they truly love.  She is a bookkeeper and financial coach for women with conscious service businesses.  Kelly uses her strong intuition, innovation & compassionate nature to inspire her clients to step into a higher vision of what they can be & do.  

Kelly believes deeply in the need for Conscious Businesses to prosper!! Your work heals!  It brings joy to your world & your success is directly connected to the well-being of the communities around you.  

As a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach with over 20 years of experience in corporate accounting and bookkeeping, Kelly is the perfect person to talk about how to make more money in your purpose-driven business & keep more money in your pocket.

Kelly lives in Buffalo, NY with her husband, Justin, and their daughter Lily.  They are a family of animal lovers and share their home with their 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 fish, Oreo the hamster, and 8 hermit crabs!

6-Figure Mindset

Monday, October 16th at 2pm EST

I am a mom, entrepreneur, certified life coach and personal development junkie.

I teach female coaches how to create mind-blowing results by up-levelling the biggest asset in your business....YOU.

After years of feeling like I was spinning my wheels in my life and with every new method or strategy outside of myself, nothing was working. I was stuck.....full of self doubt, overwhelm and my results in business & life were lack lustre.

The truth is : Your business and life will only grow as much as YOU do

And this is the secret to all the successful coaches you see. In order to create the life and results we want, we have to learn how to step into that version of ourselves (and yes, there is a system to this!)

Since incorporating this work, I have worked with 1000s of coaches, lost 50lbs, created two 7-figure businesses, won multiple coaching awards, have deeper connections with my clients and family, have more joy and confidence in every area of my life and truly know I can create anything I want.

I have created The UpLevel for women.

Women who are ready to stop playing small and uplevel their brains, business, their coaching and bottom line in 2023.

Who are ready to say yes to their dreams and themselves.

Laura Jackson

Mindset Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Michelle Rockwood

Heart-Centered Sales Coach

Joyful Selling!

Monday, Oct. 16th at 4pm EST

Michelle Rockwood has sold real estate in one of the world's wealthiest communities, served in the US Peace Corps, and once raised a million dollars for charity over a single lunch. Now a personal coach and widely recognized sales expert, she has helped hundreds of heart-centered coaches discover sales methods that feel fantastic, transforming their businesses and their lives.

Michelle founded Unscripted Sales, a consulting firm for sales teams and coaching certification companies of all sizes. She has 15+ years of experience and specializes in helping coaching programs teach their clients (coaches in training) how to create client-coach partnerships and sell their coaching. 

After personally hosting more than 600 sales conversations and shifting entire sales teams into life-changing revenues, Michelle wrote her new book, Joyful Selling, to share her knowledge with all the loving, heart-centered coaches our world so desperately needs.

The 5 Keys To Content That Actually Sells

Tuesday, Oct. 17th at 10am EST

Anna is a messaging, copywriting & mindset coach. She works with ambitious female coaches, experts and consultants who want to shift from being a stressed out hot mess, (with inconsistent sales & cash flow)... to an ON FIRE business woman, fully booked with clients and having fun doing the work they love.

She’ll infuse some magic into your messaging but keeps everything grounded by pairing it with practical, powerful and proven strategies.

Anna Fairs

Messaging, Copywriting +

Mindset Coach

Brian DeCastro

Holistic Life Coach + Reiki Master

Maximize your Physical + Mental Health

Tuesday, Oct. 17th at 1:15pm EST

Brian has been a fitness and lifestyle coach for over 20 years and has assumed several roles ranging from the fitness frontlines, to management, leadership, teaching and business ownership. His current mission is to help others actualize their dreams and experience spiritual connection by optimizing their health and lifestyle habits, so that their inner true-self can awaken and emerge. By blending the fundamentals of health and lifestyle design, with Reiki healing, he delivers an intuitive yet practical approach that supports each client in navigating their unique wellness journey.

“A common challenge many people have is effectively synchronizing their health goals with their personal or professional goals… The truth is, everything can be effectively harmonized…

…We can start by simply moving, to begin engaging in the process of finding our power back, so that a space for bigger possibilities can manifest…

…Awaken your body. Align with your Soul!”

- Brian DeCastro, Domestic Athlete Inc. -

How to avoid Burnout in Business using Human Design

Tuesday, Oct. 17th at 3:30pm EST

Marla Mac

Marla is an Aligned Business Guide and Advanced Human Design Specialist. She helps current and aspiring entrepreneurs align to their Human Design in business, so they create meaning and impact in a sustainable way by building a business that feeds their Soul. Marla runs the Human Design Aligned [Business] Facebook group, and co-founded the Human Design Portal Facebook group, with over 5,500 members and growing.

Human Design found Marla after her MBA, corporate management burnout and a failed business, which triggered a Dark Night of the Soul. As she began studying her chart, her Soul spoke to her and said “This is my calling.” She has been sharing the gift of Human Design and helping her clients discover their natural gifts and talents as entrepreneurs ever since. In Human Design terms, Marla is a 1/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and rescue cat, Chuck. In true multi-passionate Manifesting Generator fashion, she has an entire basement full of short-lived hobbies and neglected sports gear.

Brigitte Knight

Brigitte Knight is a Behavioral Change Life Coach. She teaches people to use Human Design to make money easily, create joyful relationships, and improve their emotional and physical health so they can live the life they long for. 

She has taught and used Human Design since 2006 to adjust her Nursing and Therapy careers to match her personality and what she needs to be happy. 

Her passions are helping people who have broken free from controlling religions reclaim their identity and trust themselves, and therapists use Human Design to guide their patients and clients accurately.

Marla Mac - MBA

Aligned Business Guide + Advanced Human Design Specialist

Brigitte Knight

Behavioral Change Life Coach

Deasha Waddup

Online Business Coach, Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Investor

Building Multiple Streams of Revenue

Wednesday, October 18th at 9am EST

Deasha has worked in marketing for over 9 years with extensive experience working internationally in corporate environments and in digital marketing agencies before founding Social Treats. Deasha is accredited by Facebook as a Lead Trainer and Community Manager. Social Treats Ltd is also a certified Community Management company by Meta. 

Deasha has helped businesses scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures since launching Social Treats in 2016. Using organic social media strategies, she has perfected a system that she now teaches through her coaching programs. 

Deasha has worked with clients to build webinar funnels, membership funnels and even sell high ticket offers with absolutely no “funnels” all utilizing organic strategies in particular Facebook Groups. She drives leads for high ticket items in industries spanning from wellness to coaching and lots in between. 

Deasha enjoys working remotely from any location in the world and believes everyone should have the same freedom and flexibility in their life. That is why she is passionate about helping other people to consciously create a life they choose. 

Design the Perfect Group Coaching Offer Workshop

Wednesday, October 18th at 2pm EST

In this LIVE Interactive Workshop I'll be sharing the 5 KEY Foundational Concepts of the Perfect Group Coaching Offer that will answer questions like...how do I format my content?...should I have rolling or closed enrollment (it's not what you think!)...what should I charge?...how do I find the right clients?

Then, we'll use my 5+1 Elements to design the PERFECT offer for YOUR business so that you can start

selling it right away!

You'll also have the opportunity to get my direct feedback so that you can fell 100% confident in your offer.

**This Workshop is a SPECIAL EVENT which will be held over zoom, and will NOT be streamed into The Leadership Loft. Be sure to mark your calendar to join me LIVE for this event!

Jodi Rumack

Online Group Coaching Biz Strategist

Take your time BACK!

Successfully hiring, onboarding and

leading a Virtual Assistant

Friday, October 20th at 10am EST

Hey there! Mel here!

I've worked as an administrative assistant, accounting specialist, or social media guru for over 15 years and FINALLY made the switch to serving as a Virtual Assistant & Online Business Manager!

While primarily a mom, performing arts educator, artist, and acting coach, I also lead tech literacy classes, build websites, proofread dissertations, and teach tiny humans.

Working with small business owners and entrepreneurs is where I find great joy; I'm excited to support others by taking on the tasks that feel overwhelming and make things look pretty in the process.

Melanie Headen

Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire!

BEcoming the TRUE CEO: Create Consistent Recurring Revenue through Prioritizing, Planning & Productivity

Friday, October 20th at 11:30am EST

Want to hit 6-figures? Let's OPERATE a 6-figure business owner - the TRUE CEO - so that you can work ON your business instead of IN it, impact more people, work FEWER hours and MAKE MORE MONEY!

Inside this session I'll share how to create your Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Plans so that you never have to sit down at your desk and wonder what to work on again!

I'll share my secrets to creating an effective project plan with deadlines to help you GSD (Get Sh*t Done), even when things don't go exactly as planned!

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