If you want to LAUNCH + SCALE your biz with Group Coaching, so that you can serve MORE clients, work FEWER HOURS, and make MORE $$$, I'm your girl!

Since I like to, what I call "live in the grey" (aka do things MY WAY), I'll be talking all about building RELATIONSHIPS through Direct messages, Virtual Events and Creating Engagement through Content.

NO MORE relying on social media posts or emails alone to gain clients.

NO MORE wasting hours and hours trying to become a tech whiz, graphic designer or copywriter (let's delegate that!)

NO MORE distant, inauthentic connections with thousands of people. We're going DEEP not WIDE when it comes to building connection with our audience and clients.

When you have a Group Coaching Model with Recurring Revenue....

Want to take a day off in the middle of the week, just because?


Want to ensure revenue is still hitting your bank account while you’re on vacation?


Want to work a 4-day week? and/or 6 hours a day? AND….get to spend more time with your family and friends? All while making 6 figures+?


I’m Jodi. I’m a former Fitness industry leader, turned online CEO, who is now working with Coaches to help them strategize, create consistency and scale with a Group Coaching Offer.

I’ve driven $16M+ in sales , lead teams of 100+ and helped my clients DOUBLE (or more) their revenue year over year.

I’m a small-fork-only, eat-from-a-bowl kind of girl.

I live in Lululemons (don’t judge - you’ve come over to the dark side now too in your sweatpants!), and I love being at the lake and sitting by the fire any day of the week.

I can watch renovation & cooking shows allll day long, but can’t decorate a room to save my life and would LOVE it if I never had to cook again!

I'm a serious mission to the revenue rollercoaster when it comes to monthly revenue for Coaches so that you can create the space you need to work ON the business instead of IN it, hire a team and build a business that you really LOVE.

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